Wednesday, July 6, 2011

let's talk savings.

I want to discuss couponing for a minute.  The fact that "Couponing" is even a real (or somewhat real) verb should be enough to tell you that everybody's doing it.

People have been clipping coupons for years.  When I was a kid I used to love Sunday mornings at the kitchen table, cutting coupons with my mom and organzing them in her coupon book, picking the cereal coupons I had to have (um HELLOOOO Lucky Charms!) and begging for the ice cream ones to get cut out, too.  I grew up with coupons and never understand why people don't use them more regularly.

Now that I live with my fiance and we're on an even tighter budget than before, I love my Sunday paper even more.  I get the paper simply FOR the coups.  I'm not talking TLC-Extreme-Couponing here.  But I do clip what I can and save what I can.  Am I embarrassed that at 25 years old I have already acquired the housewifely duties that I remember from my mother so many years earlier?  Hell no.  Some people might laugh at my accordion coupon case or my slow-as-molasses walk through each grocery aisle looking for savings.  But how much do I love getting my grocery receipt at the end of a transaction and seeing that I saved $25 with my stop&shop card and extra $10 in COUPONS?! that's like....4 medium iced coffees.  or a quarter tank of gas.  or a wedding invitation.  $10 is $10 is $10 and I will take what I can get, thankyouverymuch.

Do YOU coup?!


Rachel said...

"Do I coup?"

You should have seen my excitement after I laid eyes on Paula Deen's accordion coupon organizer spotted at Michael's or the cute ones in Target's $1 bin! Do I coup?! :)

Robin said...

I loved when you sat at the kitchen table with me on those Sunday mornings cutting coupons. I still do it and find it relaxing.